QR Code Design Tips

Following is a link to a very solid guide published recently on Mashable.com regarding the design options available to companies seeking to add QR codes to their marketing materials and/or web sites. The best tips shared include techniques for using shadows to create a perception of dimensionality as well as a trial-and-error technique for building codes with 30% error correcting and replacing a portion of the design with your company name or logo.

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Is your server dying?

Over the years, we have experienced several very costly, disruptive and unsettling storage hardware failures. One such failure wiped out more than 100,000 files including dozens of irreplaceable commercial photographs that had been licensed by companies around the globe. What we believed to be prudent back-up and disaster recovery plans simply were not adequate. Today, our systems are far more robust and feature several layers of redundant back-ups. Regardless, the time and expense to restore critical files from backups can put a huge strain on your business. Our friends at Planet Magpie just released an excellent piece on identifying and preparing for necessary server maintenance and replacement. They also provide an excellent guide to business tax programs for FY 2011 to encourage IT investment. You can find the full article here.

Are you missing the most important eCommerce metric?

Long time friend and former co-worker, The Retail Geek - aka Jason Goldberg, offers an interesting look at the important and often overlooked role eCommerce sites play on cross-channel purchasing behaviors. Full story here.

Why QR Codes Will Go Mainstream - Mashable Op-Ed

Interesting opinion piece here from Mashable. In our opinion, this is kind of like asking if that whole Internet thing will ever really catch on or if it is just a fad. We have a little project underway that we will be reporting on a lot more in the future. The plan is to quantify how much reach the QR code REALLY has.

QR Contagion

Coming Soon. The first ever study on the effectiveness of QR Codes and Mobi Tags as a guerrilla marketing tool. For more information, visit: QRContagion.

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