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Since 2006, Barracuda M.A.D. has been providing clients with game-changing insights on business operations, developing marketing strategies that work and completing complex projects that others didn’t dare touch. The list that follows includes a cross section of projects Barracuda M.A.D. has completed in the past several years.

Note: Due to the confidential nature of many of our projects, several company names have been removed from the project descriptions that follow.

TourTracker, San Francisco, CA

Tour Tracker is the original mobile application company delivering live coverage of the Tour de France and other major professional cycling events. More than 1.5 million viewers have watched +20 UCI events on various Tour Tracker apps. Barracuda M.A.D. serves as TourTracker's Chief Marketing Officer and marketing department and in the past year has:

  • Created all brand identity elements
  • Developed TourTracker.com company website
  • Worked with race promoters to market race-specific apps on iOS and Android platforms
  • Designed key visual assets for mobile apps for domestic, international and charity events

Under Barracuda M.A.D.'s marketing leadership, Tour Tracker apps for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and Tour of Utah were ranked among top-10 most downloaded and highest rated sports apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. This accomplishment is unprecedented in the cycling market.

Major Retail Marketing / Interactive Agency, Minneapolis, MN

Performed comprehensive accounts audit to identify and narrow the industry vertical focus of a rapidly-growing, Minneapolis-based creative agency. New focus led agency to achieve 300% year-over-year growth and record profitability.

  • Account audit identified significant number of projects that were consuming a lot of resources, but not contributing to profits or new business development.
  • Identified five industry verticals for firm to focus on.
  • Provided economic outlook report for each industry and developed marketing strategy and tactical steps for raising firm’s notoriety within each
  • Identified highest-return events, trade shows, publications, etc for each industry and developed contacts list for each to aid internal business development team.
  • Structured social media sites to create a presence in each vertical and to monitor trends, competitive threats, and new business opportunities
  • Developed new website architecture for the firm with specific recommendations to optimize SEO and demonstrate their capabilities.

Specialty Research Center of Large West Coast Public University

Developed a successful campaign for the Center’s executive director to present and gain approval from University President for a major $50-$100 million campus redevelopment initiative.

  • Performed comprehensive competitive analysis, detailed biographical study on each member of President’s cabinet to understand personal motivators and goals.
  • Developed presentation strategy for the Center’s executive director.
  • Preformed analysis on current advisory board structure and created re-structuring plan to prepare Center to raise capital.
  • Wrote and designed presentation for program approval.
  • Wrote executive director’s speech / pitch to accompany presentation.
  • Extensive coaching of executive director on strategy, presentation tactics and delivery.

Merrills Investigations, Readfield, MEIdentity by Barraucda M.A.D.

Provided owner of with fact-based recommendations for business restructuring, new business development strategies resulting in 20%  first-year revenue growth, business continuity

  • Performed detailed business operations audit and provided more than a dozen specific improvements that have allowed the firm go continue aggressive growth without adding new staff.
  • Identified numerous areas of worker policy deficiency that created significant potential liability for the firm. Developed steps and oversaw implementation of remedies to each deficiency.
  • Identified and developed several highly valuable (economic and strategic) new business lines.
  • Renamed website and migrated all online (web, email, etc.) services to new domain and ISP.
  • Redesigned all company identity and branding elements (logo, business cards, stationary, invoices, etc.) to convey professionalism and expertise of the firm.
  • Created strategy and led development of separate not-for-profit business to support missing persons and evidence collection operation.
  • Prepared and successfully executed client transition plan following acquisition of a significant competitor.
  • Developed marketing materials to support firms growth into new region of the country.
  • Designed and prepared highly-sensitive materials for law enforcement presentations related to ongoing missing persons / homicide investigation
  • Wrote, designed and distributed company’s first electronic direct mail campaign.
  • Complete website re-design / build to improve search results, demonstrate expertise and unique competencies.
  • Formulated successful strategy for assembling multi-jurisdictional public-private effort to thwart credible eco-terrorism threat. Effort undermined attempt to inflict millions of dollars of damage to critical infrastructure.

Leadville Trail 100, Leadville, CO

Provided strategic direction and turn-key project management for major event registration / ecommerce site with 4-week time line.

  • Sourced development company and led 24x7 project development to on-time completion despite radically increased project scope.
  • Refreshed brand identity elements, wrote site copy and coordinated delivery of 3rd party multimedia content.
  • Site handled +5,000 event registrations with two-stage entry process and credit-card billing event.
  • Provided LT100 owner ability to hand select entrants based on a range of custom-created form data while maintaining perception of "lottery."
  • Integrated sophisticated database tools for capturing, manipulating and seeing real-time reporting on more than a dozen separate entry data parameters.
  • Sold all go-live advertising across entire site.
  • Site generated +$800k in first month of operations.
  • Project successes contributed to multi-million dollar sale of event to LifeTime Fitness.

Associated General Contractors of Colorado, Denver, CO

Provide outsourced marketing programs support to Colorado’s largest construction trade association representing 400 firms that complete 70% of Colorado's annual commercial building projects.

  • Turn-key website maintenance including multiple weekly content updates.
  • Built email marketing system and designed html-compliant email templates to enable AGC/C's non-technical team to distribute and track +60,000 email messages annually.
  • Design, write copy and project manage production of quarterly direct-mail pieces distributed to entire member base.
  • Created event promotion templates to allow internal staff to cost-effectively generate AGC/C's promotional materials. Trained staff on template implementation and use.
  • Designed and produced streamlined membership application forms cutting length from eight pages to four. Created electronic version to support on-line subscription and renewal.
  • Re-designed identity elements to update appearance and enhance visual ties to national organization.

Constructors & Designers Alliance, Denver, CO

Project managed and built new website for alliance of +30 architecture and building companies. Grant-funded project was designed to provide regional construction industry workers information and access to training and jobs programs. Site included:

  • New identity and branding program including website name.
  • Originated and configured all site hosting and email accounts.
  • Chose site name and initiated all hosting and email.
  • Designed / built site from scratch.
  • Implemented robust content management system to enable content updates by dozens of authorized users, trained staff on full system management.
  • Originated social media accounts to support the initiative and educated staff on best-practices.

Construction Industry Training Council, Denver, CO

Designed first direct-mail strategy for Colorado’s largest electrical contractor trade association.

  • Provided turn-key mailing list generation from multiple public and private databases.
  • Designed and wrote mailer.
  • Project managed printing and fulfillment.
  • Created branded website from the ground-up to create awareness for the association and to track response rates from direct-mail campaign.
  • Integrated custom email collection / email marketing tool.

Kodak Gallery / Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Pro Cycling Team, Boulder, CO

Comprehensive one-year contract to provide all marketing and PR work for international professional cycling team.

  • Developed and implemented strategy to create world’s first “Carbon Neutral” pro sports team. Identified sponsors to execute plan, negotiated and closed all sponsor agreements. Team and sponsors received massive global recognition for the innovative initiative.

  • Wrote +100 press releases and managed global media relations. Secured features in Outside Magazine, VeloNews,  dozens of industry publications, and newspapers around the world. Wrote more than 100 press-releases.

  • Provided turn-key website management including all content creation, implemented team’s first email marketing program, built team’s first ecommerce capabilities.
  • Designed ALL team promotional materials and collateral.
  • Performed ALL Team photography.

BevMax, Stamford, CT

Performed detailed 18-month historical sales analysis for nation’s largest on-line beer, wine and liquor seller and used analysis to drive ecommerce strategy overhaul.

  • Provided recommendations for re-structuring product mix.
  • Reorganized product placement and promotions based on conversion and sell-through findings.
  • Launched company’s first social marketing programs.
  • Identified non-traditional marketing opportunities including use of ThirdLife, Twitter and Facebook.


Large Direct-Mail Agency and Fulfillment House, Denver, CO

Led project to create a fully automated, database-driven letter writing program for major direct mail marketing agency.

  • Project radically reduced operating costs and accelerated time-to-market for clients.
  • Sourced, hired and managed 3rd party database consultants and programmers.
  • Performed website integration programming.
  • Trained staff on implementation and use.
  • Project delivered on-time and on-budget after several failed attempts by other, much larger agencies.


Liberty Valley Wines, Vancouver, BC Canada

Complete website design/build project for new international wine marketing company. Project included:

  • Provided site-wide copy-writing.
  • Sourced and/or created all site-wide images.
  • Ground-up custom programming to incorporate integrated email marketing and promotional tools.
  • Integrated traffic analytics software.

Black Diamond Brands, Vancouver, BC Canada

Complete website design/build project for publicly traded, international holding company. Project included:

  • Provided site-wide copy-writing.
  • Developed document archive and investor relations portal to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated several news feeds for related markets and parent companies and live stock market data.
  • Performed regular updates to site content.

RedLine Coffee, Boulder, COBarracuda M.A.D. Product Photography & Marketing

Successfully completed derailed website design/build begun by another firm. Project included:

  • Implementing shopping cart / e-commerce capability to support a continuity model (subscription) coffee club.
  • Implemented site traffic analytics software and used data studies to refine sales-process and site navigation.
  • Sourced or created site-wide imagery including all product shots.
  • Re-wrote content site-wide.
  • Led integration of site e-commerce engine with third-party order fulfillment and indicia systems.
  • Designed branded race-car decal pack for sponsored American Le Mans Series racing team.
  • Performed all site SEO.
  • Created track-able promotion codes for direct marketing coupon promotions.
  • Performed all product photography.
  • Designed, wrote and programmed ads for print, web and television.

Fish VeroBeach, Vero Beach, FL

Led re-branding initiative for high-end, specialty fishing guide operation in Vero Beach, Florida. Project included:

  • Updated all identity elements and jettisoned outdated look-feel.
  • Designed and built new website from the ground-up.
  • Created company’s first ever social media presence and trained owner on best practices.
  • Sourced, outfitted and trained owner on mobile IOS4 credit-card processing system for use on the water with clients, saving owner 15% per billing event and eliminating need for commercial merchant bank account.

Come Sit Stay Pet Resort, Parker, CO

Provided comprehensive business operations, marketing and retail strategy consulting.

  • Performed comprehensive business operations audit.
  • Created series of custom financial planning tools for business owners.
  • Designed and coded software tools for modeling capacity utilization, pricing and staffing for improving profitability.
  • Performed detailed competitive analysis to assist in product/service pricing and market positioning strategy.
  • Re-wrote all website content, improved search functionality, added on-line forms for advance reservations.
  • Performed SEO audit and executed site-wide improvements to help business search performance.

O'Dea Woodman P.C., Augusta, ME

Designed full identity/branding kit for new law firm. Project included:

  • Logo and branding style guide.
  • Business cards and stationary.
  • Website design / build using secure content management system to support future implementation of client document and billing portal.
  • Design seasonal promotions.
  • Copy write advertisements and promotional materials.

RLK Management, Englewood, CO

Designed comprehensive brand identity kit for start-up construction management firm. Project included:

  • Logo and branding style guide
  • Business cards and stationary
  • Website design / build using secure content management system to support future implementation of client document and billing portal
  • Design seasonal promotions
  • Purchased and configured all website hosting, email and analytics tools.

Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, Boulder, CO

  • Performed pro-bono comprehensive identity refresh, designed new business cards and stationary.
  • Led project to design and produce annual newsletter.

Jacob Brewer Home, Bangor, ME

Provided pro-bono grant writing for successful grant application raising seed capital for non-profit organization building a technology-enabled independent living center for young sufferers of debilitating physical disease such as MD and CP.

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